Daniela Álvarez López

DANIELA ÁLVAREZ LÓPEZ is a choreographer, performer and Feldenkrais practitioner. She completed her dance training at the Universidad Academia de Humanismo Cristiano in Chile. In 2003 she moved to France, where she continued her training in workshops with various choreographers (Benoît Lachambre, Martin Kravitz, Rita Quaglia) and worked as an actress with Robyn Orlin, Pé Veermeersh, Natacha Kantor. She graduated from the Université Paris 8 (2007/10) with a bachelor’s degree in performing arts, specialising in dance. Her choreographic work deals with the democratisation of spaces, which aims at the production and dissemination of contemporary dance. Together with young people from the periphery of Lima, Peru, she developed the work “Puro Lomas …. no coração (2009)”. The project “Kissê / Noyau (2013)”, a choreographic intervention, was created in collaboration with children from the Marcel Paul Cultural Centre in Sevran, a suburb of Paris. She is co-founder of the laboratory “El Revés de tu Sexo”, in collaboration with the collective La Vitrina, and developed the project “Proyecto de Arte y Género” (2013) together with the LoQueMePlace collective and young people of the early art education class of the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes in Mexico City. Her solo work “bisTEKoNaGReGaO…. una canción de amor para el mundo” was created in 2010 and has since been shown in public spaces, festivals and theatres in Mexico City, Tijuana, Lima, Córdoba, Valparaíso and Santiago de Chile. Since 2014 she has been investigating the connection between M. Feldenkrais and themes of social and cultural diversity with the aim of promoting an integrative art education. In 2015 she was certified as a Feldenkrais practitioner in Barcelona, Spain. Since 2016 she has been living in Chile, where she is constantly developing new artistic collaborations at the interface between the Feldenkrais Method and the performing arts.