Fjolla Hoxha

Fjolla Hoxha is an artivist, playwright, critic of theatre and drama, poet, musician and performance maker from Prizren, Kosova, currently pursuing a graduate degree in Live Art and Performance Studies at The Theatre Academy in Uniarts, Helsinki, Finland. Her plays have been staged at theatres in Kosova, including the National Theatre as well as abroad. She is a fellow of Theatretreffen Internationales Forum in Berlin. She has worked as a DJ and moderator for various art and culture radio shows for many years and has been a member of various musical bands such as ‘Need to Be Named’ and ‘Gillespie’. She is a regular contributor with her theater reviews and opinions at The Theatre Times and Prishtina Insight.

  Fjolla is intrigued by music, water, plants, birds and languages. She grew up trilingual and speaks Albanian, English, Turkish, Serbian, German, somewhat French, Russian and Finnish.