Maëlys Meyer

As a visual artist and cultural mediator, her artistic work is inseparably linked to her experience as a professional athlete. Having been a basketball player for 20 years, sports brought her out into the world and to experience forms of group life at an early age.

The collective, the body, movement and encounter are at the heart of her creative research and have shaped her professional career. She earned a master’s degree in film in Rio de Janeiro and has since tried to build bridges between Brazil and France, on the border between these two places. This position has led her to constantly question her practice and shift her perspectives. Her documentary film projects deal with languages and sounds, identities and (athletic, dancing, “handicapped”, hybrid) bodies: “Nabu o vira Lata” (Brazil, 2012), shown at the International Literature Fair in Paraty; “Le Pont de Cratyle” (France/Germany, 2014), shown at the Paris, Frankfurt and Leipzig literature fairs; “Objectif Rio”, (France, 2016), co-produced by Dynamo Production/JPL Productions and shown at France Télévisions. Since 2013 she has devoted herself to her interest in filming bodies and worked in collaboration with choreographers and theatre makers including Mario Lopes, theatre collective Les Trois-Huit, Catherine Hargreaves and Nicole Mersey Ortega. At the same time, she works as a producer in the field of documentary film in Lyon (Dynamo Production, Trabouloscope).