Mario Lopes

Mario Lopes is a choreographer and cultural mediator. As member of the collective DMV22 he developed the pieces “VRUM” (2009), “a cidade se move” (2010), “vrumvrumzinho” (2011), “ENTRE” (2012), “TREPP” (2013), “Movimento I, parado é suspeito” (2014), the performance “Keller” (2015) as well as “Re_sistir_existir” (2016). In 2016 he worked on the co-production “ALBUM kodex_feedback”, together with Mexican choreographer Martin Lanz, which premiered at HochX theatre in Munich. He is managing director and one of the curators of plattformPLUS/Munich as well as executive partner of HumaVida Produções/São Paulo.

Since 2015 he has been part of the curatorial team of veiculoSUR and is responsible for the management and production of the residency in Germany.