Thaïs Ushirobira

Artist in the field of dance. Her research evolves around the body and physical presence in interaction with the environment, focusing on the peculiarities and poetics that emerge from this relationship. She is co-founder of the Núcleo Aqui Mesmo – site specifics in dance – within the framework of which she developed the projects “]entre[ aberto” (2012), “De segunda a sexta-feira” (2013), “Situ(ações)” (2014) and “|entre|ladeiras” (2015), as well as performer of the group Lagartixa na Janela – Dance for Children in Public Places. She also works as a body therapist. In 2014 she participated in Movimiento Sur (Chile) and various activities of veículoSUR in Brazil and Mexico.

Since 2015 she has been part of the curatorial team of VeiculoSUR and is responsible for the management and production of the residency in Brazil.